Children’s Healthcare


My son has chronic allergies.  He has always, to varying degrees, been congested, with seasonal flare ups occurring several times a year.  His symptoms have made him miserable and exhausted at times. 

We have treated him several times when he was miserable with over-the-counter medication for allergies. We have found that the medicines have masked the symptoms for a while, but have not helped keep them from recurring.  We have been hesitant to put him on a regimen of prescription drugs. In our opinion, putting chemicals into our bodies, in any form, should be a last resort for healing. Although medicines have cured any number of illnesses, we still have the feeling of "what, besides the healing properties of these medicines, are we putting into our bodies?" And once again, would the medicine help heal him, or would it just mask his symptoms?

We have been seeking treatment from Dr. Coward for several months now, and my son has had a marked decrease in his congestion, as well as not having suffered an allergy attack since the first two weeks of his treatment.  Dr. Coward is extremely kind and caring, and immediately put my son at ease, no easy feat considering my son's distrust of physicians.  I will continue to seek treatment from Dr. Coward for all health issues which any of my family members may experience.  I have found his treatments to be highly effective, and I take great comfort knowing that all of the remedies used are natural and will not harm my family in any way.

"Now both of my daughters are so healthy!"

I took two of my children to see Dr. Coward.  One had problems with anxiety and fears.  I didn't want to use traditional medications or therapy for this, so I looked for an alternative.  That's when I heard about Dr. Coward.  After about six weeks of trying different remedies, Dr. Coward found a remedy that has worked wonderfully with my daughter.  She doesn't have as much fear or anxiety now and when she does she asks for her remedy.  She can tell a major difference and so can I.

My other child had a mild case of asthma.  I didn't want her to be on steroids and after the success I had with my other child I took her to Dr. Coward also.  After trying several remedies, we found one that works for her.  Her breathing is much better and she is able to be much more active. The best part is that neither of my children needs drugs that have potential side effects and they are both so healthy.

I did have concerns about the cost of Dr. Coward’s care, especially since it isn’t covered by insurance. But, in the long run Dr. Coward’s cost is much less than the cost of taking my children to their doctor over and over. The stress level is so much less and the children are healthy and happy. They love going to see Dr. Coward. They know it works.