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You are not alone…

According to the National Cancer Institute, about 10,000 children are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. each year.  Cancer is the leading cause of death among kids fourteen and under.  There may be no more frightening diagnosis than a diagnosis of cancer.

Conventional medicine has its place…

Most of our cancer patients also use some form of conventional cancer treatment. Conventional therapies including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy can be useful to reduce or eliminate cancerous tissue. Unfortunately, they often have devastating side effects. In the best of circumstances, they do nothing to address the long-term underlying health of the patient.

You do have options…

Many people do not realize there are options that will support them through conventional treatment and optimize their chances for long-term survival and health. Our patients consistently experience reduced side effects of conventional therapies. We continue to work beyond the course of conventional treatment to keep them healthy and cancer-free.

There is hope…

For years, the doctors at Asheville Natural Health & Homeopathy have been helping people through cancer treatment. Call today to schedule an appointment. We use safe, effective natural therapies that are individualized for your child. Get started on the road to recovery and reclaim your health!

What do you do for patients with cancer?

Cancer presents an interesting challenge. On one hand, we address the side effects of the conventional treatment. On the other hand, we rebuild a healthy immune system and support the overall health of the patient.

At Asheville Natural Health & Homeopathy, we accomplish these goals using classical homeopathy, customized therapeutic diets, nutritional supplements, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.

Each patient’s plan is individualized – we have never found a “one size fits all” approach to be useful for the majority of people. We spend one to two hours with each pediatric patient on the first visit to make sure we understand very thoroughly what is going on in his or her body. We also spend time in follow up visits to make sure that healing is progressing as well as possible.


Homeopathy is part of the name of our practice because we believe so strongly in its power to cure disease. Homeopathic care involves the thorough evaluation of each patient’s exact symptoms. A single remedy is chosen that matches the subtleties of each case of disease. The remedy given restores balance to the many systems of the body that keep us well. [Read more about homeopathy.]


There are different therapeutic dietary approaches that we will employ depending on each patient’s symptoms, sensitivities, lifestyle, and response to previous treatments. We aim to flood the body with antioxidants and to eliminate processed foods and other foods that produce free radicals and drain the immune system.


We typically recommend several nutritional supplements to cancer patients. These provide extra antioxidants, counter damage done by conventional therapies, reduce inflammation, restore healthy digestive function, promote the body’s detoxification processes, and stimulate the immune system.

There is an extensive body of research on the effects of specific vitamins and supplements in conjunction with a variety of conventional cancer therapies. We draw from that literature to customize our supplement plans.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction:

During stress, our sympathetic nervous system gets turned on, and our immune system gets turned off. During relaxation, our parasympathetic nervous system gets turned on, and so does our immune system.

So the more time you spend in the parasympathetic state the better. We employ simple mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques to help patients get into the parasympathetic state. MBSR involves simple exercises such as concentrating on one’s breathing to train the body and brain to remain calm during stress.  Even a minimal time commitment to MBSR might help a child heal, while also teaching a valuable tool that will last a lifetime.

What about my medications?

Our cancer patients will generally use conventional medicines, and we support that. Our goal is to reduce dependence on medication and increase long-term health.

Please don’t ever discontinue a medication without the consent of your physician, as that could be dangerous or uncomfortable.

Call our office at (828) 254-3004 to schedule an appointment or to arrange a free 15-minute consultation to see if we can help you. Or click here to send us a request to call you!


If you have any questions about our care or its cost, please call (828) 254-3004, or contact us online.

Cancer patients typically require intensive care, especially during conventional treatment. We will typically meet after each of your child’s conventional treatments until we have our plan fine-tuned. We will continue to follow up as your child’s healing progresses. Depending on individual circumstances, we will meet every one to three months as your child improves. Follow up visits will last 30 minutes to one hour, as they involve extensive assessment, coaching and counseling as well as homeopathy.

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Supplements are generally recommended for people with cancer. Cost varies based on circumstances, but our patients may spend $100 or more dollars per month on supplements.

Ongoing follow up care may be required to maintain results.