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Colds & Coughs

You are not alone…

Tens of millions of children experience coughs and colds every year.  Most of these go away on their own or with simple medical treatment.  Many people, however, seem to get sick much more frequently than others, or remain sick longer.

Conventional medicine has its place…

Conventional medicines can be lifesaving in emergency situations, can eliminate harmful bacteria, and can control symptoms for many people. Unfortunately, they do not address the underlying cause of recurrent infections.  In fact, studies have shown that giving antibiotics actually increases the chances of another infection in the near future.  In addition, some medicines have serious side effects that make their use undesirable.

Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem.  The overuse of antibiotics is a big contributor to this problem.  Many coughs, for example, are viral, but many will be treated with unnecessary (and ineffective) antibiotics.  If you can recover from your illness without antibiotics, that is the preferred course of action.

You do have options…

Many people do not realize there are options in addition to conventional medicine that will actually make them better. By addressing the underlying causes of repeat infections, patients get sick less frequently, experience reductions in symptoms, improvements in overall health, and reduced dependence on medications.

There is hope…

For years, the doctors at Asheville Natural Health & Homeopathy have been helping people reduce their incidence of acute infections.  Call today to schedule an appointment.  We use safe, effective natural therapies that are individualized for you. Get started on the road to recovery and reclaim your child’s health!

What do you do for patients with acute infections?

Acute infections result when the immune system is temporarily overwhelmed by a bacterial or viral outbreak.  People who experience repeat infections have chronic immune system dysfunction.

At Asheville Natural Health & Homeopathy, we correct this dysfunction using classical homeopathy, improved diet, and nutritional supplements.

Each patient’s plan is individualized – we have never found a “one size fits all” approach to be useful for the majority of people.  We spend one to two hours with each patient on the first visit to make sure we understand very thoroughly what is going on in his or her body. We also spend time in follow up visits to make sure that healing is progressing as well as possible.


Homeopathy is part of the name of our practice because we believe so strongly in its power to cure disease. Homeopathic care involves the thorough evaluation of each patient’s exact symptoms. A single remedy is chosen that matches the subtleties of each case of disease. The remedy given restores balance to the many systems of the body that keep us well. [Read more about homeopathy.]


Increasing foods in the diet that provide immune system-enhancing nutrients is vital.  Eliminating foods that disrupt the immune system is also very important.  For example, when your blood sugar rises the activity of the germ-killing white blood cells in your body decreases dramatically.  Sugary foods and processed foods tend to raise blood sugar and therefore reduce immune function.  We customize dietary recommendations based on each patient’s symptoms, sensitivities, lifestyle, and response to previous treatments.


Depending on your child’s exact condition, we may recommend one or more nutritional supplements. These will provide immune-enhancing nutrients and other substances that are difficult to get through a normal diet.  We focus on supplements that have strong support in the medical literature.

What about my medications?

Conventional medicines can be lifesaving in emergency situations and can control symptoms in many people. Unfortunately, they do not address the underlying cause of the symptoms. In addition, some medicines have serious side effects that make their use undesirable.

At Asheville Natural Health & Homeopathy, our programs improve your child’s health on a fundamental level. Healthy bodies don’t need medications. Our goal is always to reduce or eliminate the need for medications, and we are generally successful.

Please don’t ever discontinue a medication without the consent of your physician, as that could be dangerous or uncomfortable.

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If you have any questions about our care or its cost, please call (828) 254-3004, or contact us online.

Curing recurrent infections requires careful analysis as well as some follow up care to fine tune the original plan.  It is generally also a good idea to visit the office when your child becomes acutely ill so we can examine him or her during the infection.  This will help the long-term outcome.  We will also help you manage symptoms and get over the acute attack more quickly.

It is safe to assume that you will get results with four visits, as well as the occasional acute visit.  These visits may be bi-weekly to monthly at first, becoming less frequent as your child’s health improves. Follow up visits will last 30 to 45 minutes.  Over time, you will become better and better at managing your child’s health at home when he or she does become ill.

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Supplements may be required at an additional cost. We try to keep supplements to a minimum, but our patients may spend $25 or more per month on supplements.

Ongoing follow up care may be required to maintain results.