Welcome to Asheville Natural Health & Homeopathy, the office of Steven Coward, ND. I’ve been practicing in Asheville – seeing both local and long-distance patients – since 2001. I’ve been practicing homeopathy and naturopathic medicine longer than anyone else in western North Carolina. I’ve helped thousands of people, and I look forward to helping you.

While I see people with all manner of complaints, I am especially interested in migraines, digestive disorders, anxiety and depression, women’s fertility, and complex or difficult-to-diagnose disease. My approach to each patient is thorough and individualized. I’ve never found a one-size-fits-all approach to be helpful. No matter what you have going on, I want to understand as much about you as possible. That way I can focus in on what is at the root of your problem. That is the fastest and longest-lasting way to help you get better.

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Steven Coward, ND