Adult Healthcare

"I used to get sick every month"

I am doing well, thank you for following up......those two remedies plus changing my diet seem to be the winning combination! I definitely will come back for more assistance in the future should anything come up with my health.....your recommendations were perfect! Thanks so much!

"Neuropathy and chronic fatigue gone!"

Dr. Coward I have an appointment scheduled for August 1st, but due to such good results I don't feel like I need to come back this soon.  I feel like a real human being again and working around the house like crazy.  All I know is since I have been taking the supplement and the homeopathic remedy I am feeling great. I have only used the homeopathic remedy one time since I last saw you.

"Gardener finds relief from arthritis pain"

It has been forty-plus years since my introduction to homeopathy.  When I started working recently with Dr. Coward, my arthritis was so bad I couldn't do my gardening.  I missed gardening so much!  I traveled all the way from South Carolina to see him, and I'm thankful I did.  My pains have gone almost completely away.  Now I'm back in my garden every day, and I don't need any pain pills.

"Happier and healthier with homeopathy"

I saw Dr. Coward to help me with some mental health issues and a very bad reaction to the smoking-cessation drug Chantix.  The reaction to the drug was severe and lasted several weeks.  Dr. Coward was very compassionate and patient through this time.  Using homeopathic remedies, diet recommendations, breathing exercises, and vitamins, he helped me get back on track.

He has continued to help me with my overall state of mind and health.  I still use a low dose medication, but I feel better than I have in a long time.  I had never been to a homeopathic doctor before.  Now I consider Dr. Coward my primary doctor.  He is one of the few doctors I've ever worked with that I felt actually cared about me and took the time to learn about me as a person.  He spends more time with me than any doctor I've ever been to.  He also has tools that are so different than regular doctors.  They have helped me so much, and they have never caused any negative reactions.

"Homeopathy ends endometriosis and fatigue"

I took every drug available for my endometriosis and had two surgeries without relief.  It took me two years to make the appointment at Asheville Natural Health and only about a month before I was feeling well again!  Don't wait to make this appointment!

"Now both of my daughters are so healthy!"

I took two of my children to see Dr. Coward.  One had problems with anxiety and fears.  I didn't want to use traditional medications or therapy for this, so I looked for an alternative.  That's when I heard about Dr. Coward.  After about six weeks of trying different remedies, Dr. Coward found a remedy that has worked wonderfully with my daughter.  She doesn't have as much fear or anxiety now and when she does she asks for her remedy.  She can tell a major difference and so can I.

My other child had a mild case of asthma.  I didn't want her to be on steroids and after the success I had with my other child I took her to Dr. Coward also.  After trying several remedies, we found one that works for her.  Her breathing is much better and she is able to be much more active. The best part is that neither of my children needs drugs that have potential side effects and they are both so healthy.

I did have concerns about the cost of Dr. Coward’s care, especially since it isn’t covered by insurance. But, in the long run Dr. Coward’s cost is much less than the cost of taking my children to their doctor over and over. The stress level is so much less and the children are healthy and happy. They love going to see Dr. Coward. They know it works.

"Was it worth consulting a doctor whose practice was two hours away? It certainly was!"

I came to Dr. Coward for a longstanding depression that had resisted treatment to conventional medicine. Dr. Coward listened thoughtfully and thoroughly, asked intelligent questions, and gave me a natural remedy that lifted my mood within a few days. I was amazed. I live in Knoxville and had been unsure whether it was worthwhile consulting a doctor whose practice was two hours away. It certainly was!