Are you ready to have a baby?

The CDC reports that 11% of women are unable to conceive or to carry a pregnancy to term.  Many are satisfied with the advice and treatments they’ve found at their conventional doctors’ offices, non-conventional healers, or even online.  But many are not.  There is always hope.  Please contact our office to schedule an appointment or to learn more about Asheville Natural Health.  As the oldest naturopathic practice in Asheville, with specific experience in fertility treatment, we have helped many couples welcome healthy babies into their lives.  Find out if we can help you too.

Conventional medicine has its place…

Conventional testing and fertility enhancement can be successful for some women.  Unfortunately its rate of success is not high, despite its high cost.  For example, Shady Grove Fertility Clinic, which has treated tens of thousands of women with the drug Clomid, reports pregnancy rates from 3% to just under 20%, depending on the woman’s diagnosis.  In vitro fertilization results in pregnancy 6-10% of the time for women over 40, up to 35% of the time for women under 35, according to the American Pregnancy Association.

You do have options…

Many people do not realize there are options in addition to conventional medicine that will increase their ability to conceive and carry a pregnancy to term.  By addressing the underlying causes of infertility, patients experience more regular periods, conception, and healthier pregnancies.

There is hope…

For years, the doctors at Asheville Natural Health & Homeopathy have been helping women improve their fertility. Call today to schedule an appointment.  We use safe, effective natural therapies that are individualized for you. Get started on the road to recovery and reclaim your health!

What do you do for patients trying to conceive?

Fertility issues are characterized by imbalanced levels of female reproductive hormones.

At Asheville Natural Health & Homeopathy, we restore this balance using classical homeopathy, diet, nutritional supplements, and mindfulness-based stress reduction.  As our therapies support your natural ability to conceive, there is no additional risk of multiple births and the complications that come along with them.  We have yet to have a single fertility client have multiple births.

Each patient’s plan is individualized – we have never found a “one size fits all” approach to be useful for the majority of people.  We spend two hours with each patient in the first visit to make sure we understand very thoroughly what is going on in your body. We also spend time in follow up visits to make sure that healing is progressing as well as possible.


Homeopathy is part of the name of our practice because we believe so strongly in its power to improve health. Homeopathic care involves the thorough evaluation of each patient’s health and personal characteristics. A single remedy is chosen that matches the subtleties of each case. The remedy given restores balance to the many systems of the body that keep us well and promote fertility. [Read more about homeopathy.]


A balanced diet rich in nutrients and fiber supports balanced hormone production.  We examine your current diet and make recommendations that fit your lifestyle and preferences.


Depending on your exact situation, we may recommend one or more nutritional supplements. These will help to restore hormone balance and improve overall nutrition.  We focus on supplements that have strong support in the medical literature.

Mindfulness-based stress reduction:

The level of each hormone in the body is effected by the level of every other hormone.  Stress causes our bodies to produce hormones that may disrupt the balance of women’s reproductive hormones.  We use mindfulness based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques to reduce the impact of stress on reproductive health.  MBSR involves simple exercises such as concentrating on one’s breathing to train the brain to remain calm during stress.

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If you have any questions about our care or its cost, please call (828) 254-3004, or contact us online.

Our successful fertility patients generally become pregnant one to six months after beginning treatment.  We visit monthly during that time period to evaluate response to treatment and fine tune our recommendations.  We continue to follow up once you become pregnant to keep you and your baby as healthy as possible.  Follow up visits will last 30 – 45 minutes, as they involve coaching and counseling as well as homeopathy.

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Supplements may be required at an additional cost.  We try to keep supplements to a minimum, but our patients may spend $25 or more per month on supplements.

Ongoing follow up care may be required to maintain results.